Blackburn Semi Custom Homes FAQ

What is a Semi-Custom home?

Semi custom homes can be considered in between a pre-built home and custom home. These homes will have a unique look and feel but you won’t have to start from scratch. Semi-custom homes are perfect if you want to have a say in certain design features in your home without having to worry about every single detail.

What are the differences between a custom home and a semi-custom home?

Blackburn semi-custom homes can be selected from a variety of different floorplans (see them here) and customized to your ideal look and feel. A custom home is a one-of-a-kind home that is designed for a specific client in coordination with an architect or professional designer. In comparison to pre-built and semi-custom homes custom homes are generally more expensive for this reason.

What are the advantages of a semi-custom home?

Some advantages of a semi-custom home compared to a custom home are quicker build times, more budget friendly, less complication during the selection process, a unique home with custom features without the hassle of starting from scratch. 

What is the average time to build a Blackburn semi-custom home?

The average time to build is 8-9 months. 

How much will my semi-custom home in Oxford, MS cost?

You can browse our website to get pricing on all of the floorplan options we have. If you would like pricing on adding additional options and upgrades you can call our sales office during our normal business hours. 

How do I get an estimate on my Blackburn semi-custom home?

We have base standard prices for our original plans of our homes and we also have pricing for our optional additions to our plans. You can give us a call at our sales office to discuss more detailed information about pricing for upgrades for your home during our normal business hours. 

In what Neighborhoods are Blackburn semi-custom Homes available?

Oxford Commons is a master-planned community in Oxford, MS where you can find a lot of different home styles including the Premier/Semi-Custom series.  They are the first series of homes introduced to this neighborhood and also one of the most popular home types.

What are the HOA rules and the CC&R (covenants, conditions and restrictions)?

Contact our sales office for information about the HOA and CC&R.

What floor plans are available for Oxford Semi-Custom homes?

Blackburn Homes offer a variety of floorplans to personalize and make your dream home. Oxford Commons has 12 different Semi-Custom floorplans to choose from.  These homes boast great features and options to make the home perfect for you. View all of the available floor plans here.

What customization options do I have for my semi-custom home?

View the options for your Blackburn Semi Custom Home in more detail here.

The options for your semi-custom home are limitless! Contact us today at 662-513-4194 or send us an email at to learn more!

Where can I view these different selection options for my Blackburn semi-custom home?

To view options please stop by our sales office at 900 Sisk Ave Suite D Oxford, MS or give us a call at 662-513-4194

What type of warranties are available for my Blackburn semi-custom home?

We have a 1 year standard warranty and a 6 year structural warranty on your home. 

Does Oxford Commons have a preferred lender for semi-custom homes?

HFG (Homeowners Financial Group) is the proven lender for Blackburn Homes. For more information on pre-approval, contact our New Homes Sales Consultant at 662-236-0060 or apply online here.

How do I schedule a tour or learn more about Blackburn semi-custom homes?

Please call us at 662-236-0060 or you may schedule a tour online here. Both virtual and private tours are available Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm.