Blackburn Homes Warranty FAQ

  Where can I find the information for Blackburn Homes Warranty prior to closing?

a)    Any of our associates can provide you with a copy of our New Home Warranty upon request.

2.    When does my Warranty begin and expire?

a) The 1-Year Limited Warranty and Structural Warranty (10 years in Texas / 6 years in Mississippi) commence on your closing date. The 1-Year Limited Warranty expires on the anniversary of your closing date, and the 10/6-Year Structural Warranties expire on the date of your 10 / 6-Year Anniversary. Please note, there will be no notice of expiry provided for either warranty.

3.    When can I submit requests to the Warranty Department?

a)    You can submit requests to the Warranty Department at any time after closing. Please note, if the concern was listed on your Orientation or Final Walk documents, we will contact your Superintendent for you.

4.    How do we contact the Warranty Department?

a)    Our Warranty Department can be reached at All inquiries/requests are required to be submitted in writing, and our response time is same or next business day from receipt.

b)   Please always include your street address, closing date, contact information, concern, and image of the concern if able.

5.    I am a first-time homeowner, where can I find information for the maintenance of my home?

a)    Within the New Home Warranty, Section 2: Preventative Homeowner Maintenance, you will find helpful information regarding the maintenance of your new home. The manufacturer’s website for any product is also a great resource for new homeowners.

6.    I would like to make additions or changes to my home, will this affect my warranty?

a)    Blackburn Homes is unable warrant any changes or additions made to your home. In addition, if any repairs or additions are completed by anyone other than Blackburn Homes or the original subcontractors, it will void the warranty of any impacted items.

7.    Do the warranties transfer if I sell the home?  

a)    The One Year Limited Warranty does not transfer to any subsequent Purchasers. The Structural Warranty is valid, for any homeowner, for 10/6 years after the closing date of the Original Purchaser (10 years in Texas / 6 Years in Mississippi).

9.    Are there specific items not provided coverage by the New Home Warranty?

a)    Appliances are warranted by the manufacturer directly for the first year after closing. Our Warranty Department will send a Warranty Introduction email reminding you to register the products that are not provided coverage by our New Home Warranty. 

b)   Damages to materials and homeowner maintenance items (such as changing air filters or light bulbs) are also excluded from the New Home Warranty. For more details on our provided coverages, please review Sections 3 and 4 of our New Home Warranty.

10. I am an investment buyer; how does that affect my warranty?

a)    As our New Home Warranty is a contract between the Original Purchaser and Blackburn Homes, we do as that the Original Purchaser contact us with any claims. Please ensure to provide the tenants’ information for scheduling purposes. Our Warranty Department does not accept claims from tenants or property management agencies.